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Our company has been in this industry for a long time, and we are one of the first business in Australia that has come up to an idea to offer our clients other moving services which will include a variety of things.

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If you plan to hire our company, the entire process can be done in one hour. You need to state the type of object you want to move and where the rest is our work. Your stuff is covered with insurance, and if any damage occurs during the transportation, the insurance company will cover the expenses.


As you can see, we take this business very seriously, and we intend for our customers to be satisfied with our work. From the last year, we extended our services and now we provide home cleaning and lawn mowing. Whether you are moving to a new house, or you want to leave your old house in a clean state, our company provide full service, packing and unpacking, cleaning the home and lawn mowing.


Our personnel wants to provide you the complete experience and give you something to look forward the next time you decide to hire us. Engage in a moving that is a hassle free because we provide that.  

Our Services

No move is too big or too small. We can handle large moves of multiple rooms to moves as small as one room or a few items. We operate 7 days a week.

We offer 2 types of removal service

  • the fully stress free door to door move where we do all the work. As our clients, you have complete control. In this case, your job is to tell us what needs to be moved and we will engage our workforce to fulfill your requests. Everything will be packed and relocated within 24 on the designed location.
  • we provide containers that you load and unload yourself and save money. Besides moving trucks, our company also offers containers to our clients where you can store your belongings. If you don’t want to hire our moving services, then you can rent a container, deposit your items and move them to the next location. The containers are available for one week, which gives you enough time to organize your moving.
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Contact us

Our experience removalists will visit your home or office to assess your move and advise you of your options. So contact us now or you can complete our online quotation form.

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Andreas Hahn

The best company I ever had a pleasure to work with. The job was done efficiently; they removed all my furniture in one day.

Deborah Hibbert

One of my friends recommended me this company and the best decision I ever made was to hire them. They are professionals in their line of work.

Dimitri Coates

I like this company because it literally does everything, they pack and unpack the furniture and even clean the house before depositing your stuff.

Beverly Boyce

The great company and friendly and pleasant people to work with. I was surprised who welcoming and forthcoming they were. If you plan to hire a moving company, choose them, you won’t feel sorry.

Storage and Packing

If you need storage in between moves, we provide a range of secure storage facilities – Containers, Warehouse or Homepaks. Allow us to bring your storage to your door. Fully secured facility, accessible by appointment. Lalor Removals has a wide range of packing materials for sale.


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